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Have you ever been grinding it out in your business, going on appointments, closing deals,  and giving amazing service to your clients.  But suddenly you realize you don’t have enough leads in your pipeline?

Not having enough serious leads in your pipeline stresses you out because….you know if you don’t get new leads asap your cash flow will shrivel up and die.

So what do you do? Spend hours  following up with leads that “slipped through the crack”,  hoping someone bites?

You could do that….. or you could use a system that generates consistent leads & automates your sales follow up process.

Lead Funnels & Sales Automation


Generates High-Quality Leads & Automate Your Sales Cycle

Consistent, Effortless Lead Generation

Have a system that defines who your best leads are, understand where they are in the purchasing process, and how to move them to paying customers.  It’s the pipeline that feeds your business.

Automated Sales Follow Up

Automate the most important -but often forgotten- process of your sales cycle….The follow up.  Custom follow up sequences  based on your lead’s behavior.  Never let a sale “slip thru the cracks” again because are too busy to follow up.

Lead Funnels & Sales Automation

Have our team build your funnel FOR YOU!  We will create and build the perfect lead funnel  customized to your specific needs.

This includes building your landing page, developing your lead generation strategy,  automate your follow up based on your lead’s behavior,  connect up all the technologies, test everything, make tweaks as needed, and deliver you a ready to go lead funnel.  You don’t have to touch a thing until it is time for the consultation


Investment: $800

1 Facebook Ad or Social Media Post

Landing Page

3 Automated Follow Up Emails

Lead Generation Strategy

Entire Funnel Set Up


Prices Varies

The Lead Generator Playbook


Discover How to Supercharge Your  Business in 3 Steps…
And Watch the Leads Run To You


What's Included?
Our DFY funnels including designing, building, and testing your ENTIRE funnel.  At the end you will have a funnel that is in place and read to generate predictable leads.

  • Landing Page
  • Facebook Ad
  • Lead Magnet Stragey
  • Email Autoresponder Setup
  • Delivery email
  • Lead Capture Form

How long will it take complete my funnel?
Your funnel is usually ready in one week.

Am I required to use Facebook Ads?
No you are not.  We help you decide what would be the best option to generate leads.  However Facebook is a gold mine for massive real estate leads.  And Facebook Ads provides the most affordable and predictable option for attracting these leads. We have clients spending $10 a day and receiving 8-10 leads a day.

Are there any other costs?
Our price includes everything for your funnel.  However there maybe additional cost for your email autoresponder we highly recommend active campaign. It is an amazing value for $29 a month and includes great features.

Do you have payment plans?
No worries. We do offer payment plans that will be outline in your proposal.  We also accept PayPal Credit that offers 6 months of no interest or payments.  You will have seen a return on your investment way before then.

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